About us


Femme Gaming is a women-led organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the gaming and esports industry. We aim to create a safe space where everyone, regardless of gender, can feel safe, supported, and empowered to showcase their talents in the gaming and esports world

We also provide business solutions to organizations and brands to provide a safe space for all.


46% of gamers identify as women

Discrimination, harassment, and sexism are what women and gender-diverse individuals experience when gaming online as well as in everyday life. In the grander scale of the esports and gaming industries, the under-representation of women is evident. We want to change that.


Step into our gaming world, a place where women gamers gather not just to play, but to connect and support each other. This is where the magic of gaming meets real-life friendships, where every victory is celebrated, and every challenge is tackled together. Our community is built on mutual respect, encouragement, and the sheer joy of gaming. Whether you’re here for the competition or for the companionship, you’ll find your space. Together, we’re creating a gaming environment that’s inclusive, empowering, and full of fun. Ready to join us?”

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We also provide Consulting, Event Management and Marketing Solutions