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Empowering WOMEN

in gaming

Femme Gaming is the ultimate hub for women and marginalized genders in gaming.
We provide a safe and inclusive space for all gamers who identify as women
to showcase their skills, talents and compete with the best.

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Unmute The Girls

Welcome to international women's month

Unmute The Girls is a podcast that launched in March of 2023. The show is aimed to amplify the voices of women in gaming by highlighting speaking on current events within the industry.

Join Kristabyte & Srnity as they explore the challenges and triumps of women in gaming, and learn how to create a more inclusive and empowering community for all. 


representation for women in esports

The Femme Gaming Lounge is how we bring our safe space to the real world at gaming expos, gaming arenas, live events, and more!

We’ve worked with numerous organizations in the past such as FanExpo and Comic Con and have established a footprint in for CDL & OWL Tournaments.

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