FemmeGaming x Blacklyte: Powering Personal Spaces in Gaming

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Today, we're beyond excited to introduce a groundbreaking partnership that's set to transform how we game, create, and celebrate our individuality. FemmeGaming has teamed up with Blacklyte, an innovator in…

Init Esports x GamerSafer: A Winning Collaboration

Over the course of two months, competitors from all over the world were invited to join the qualifiers online, playing the sim racing game iRacing. By racing and making their way up the leaderboard, competitors could qualify to be flown to Las Vegas, where the finals would take place in person, during a real NASCAR event.

Exciting New Video Games With A Woman Main Character

A new year may mean short-lived resolutions for some, but for us, it means fresh new releases coming to our consoles and PCs! And if there’s one thing that warms this gamer girl’s heart, it’s a woman protagonist: there’s nothing quite like seeing someone who reminds you of yourself on screen. Here are a few early 2023 new releases to look out for that feature female (including two WOC!!) main characters.

Behind the Femme Gaming Lounge

What is Femme Gaming? Beyond the exciting events, killer merch and engaging content, Femme Gaming is a community, and at the heart of this endeavour is the need for support…

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