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Femme Gaming is the ultimate hub for women and marginalized genders in gaming.
We provide a safe and inclusive space for all gamers who identify as women
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Achievements Unlocked: Women in eSports

On June 2, Femme Gaming hosted its first live Panel at the Toronto Ultra Major III Event live at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. 

Our panelists were Jessica Medieros, founder of Femme Gaming, Alyson Walker, CCO from OverActive Media and Madison Edgar, Event Manager of Global eSports from Activision Blizzard. 

The panel highlighted the struggles of being a woman in the gaming industry and how to make waves.

Watch the recording from the panel here! Be sure to follow Femme Gaming on Twitch to see our panels live.

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Exciting New Video Games With A Woman Main Character

Exciting New Video Games With A Woman Main Character

A new year may mean short-lived resolutions for some, but for us, it means fresh new releases coming to our consoles and PCs! And if there’s one thing that warms this gamer girl’s heart, it’s a woman protagonist: there’s nothing quite like seeing someone who reminds you of yourself on screen. Here are a few early 2023 new releases to look out for that feature female (including two WOC!!) main characters.

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