8 Fun Jobs in the Esports/Gaming Industry That Don’t Require a Degree! 

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You are currently viewing 8 Fun Jobs in the Esports/Gaming Industry That Don’t Require a Degree! 

8 Fun Jobs in the Esports/Gaming Industry That Don’t Require a Degree!

Video game streaming has become one of the fastest-growing jobs within the gaming industry, with over 2.2 million people streaming monthly on Twitch alone. And while it’s a popular way to start earning money in the industry, it can take a very long time before you start earning enough to support yourself.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 8 jobs within the gaming and eSports industries that can also help you get your foot in the door. One of the best things about both industries is that they’re relatively new, meaning that many jobs don’t require formal education in the field. In fact, most of them only require relevant work experience and a strong knowledge of the industry to be considered.

If you want to turn your gaming hobby into your career, get started by checking out our list below for just a taste of what jobs are out there for you. Getting the job of your dreams may be way more accessible than you think!

Broadcast and video producer: 

If you have experience in film and television production and find yourself looking for a new gig, consider pivoting your search toward eSports broadcasting. Every eSports tournament needs a skilled crew present to direct, film, edit and stream their event. Outside of live events, you can also be responsible for shooting promotional materials, writing scripts and making engaging video content for social media.

Video game artist: 

If you have a passion for conceptualizing worlds and designing characters, consider turning your ideas into interactive works of art by becoming a video game artist. You don’t need to have gone to art school to become a video game artist – in fact, a high-quality portfolio of work, collaborative skills and the ability to use creative software are more often what they’re looking for.


Do you find yourself picking apart strategies and playstyles while watching eSports tournaments? If so, coaching may be in your future. Coaches are integral to the success of an eSports team. They help professional players develop winning strategies, find weaknesses in their competition and motivate them to play the best they can. If you’re a people person with a critical eye, you could be the next coach to lead a team to international victory.

Team manager: 

Have you ever managed a retail team before? Maybe you have previous experience leading a fundraising or sales campaign? If so, eSports team management could be a good direction to take your career. Team managers have to possess strong project management and leadership skills, and having a solid understanding of business wouldn’t hurt either. Be prepared to organize contracts, manage professional players, and co-ordinate the team’s activities and tournaments.

Tournament organizer: 

If you have past event planning experience and you know how to get the party started, this could be the gig for you. Tournament organizers are responsible for planning and coordinating eSports tournaments from start to finish. It’s a tough but highly rewarding job – just know that the events you plan will be integral to keeping the industry going!


If there’s an online multiplayer game you’re really passionate about – meaning you know almost everything about it – you’d make a great referee. Gaming companies hire referees to score and enforce league rules during their tournaments. If you’re perceptive and can keep a level-head during the heat of a match, this career is worth checking out.

Community manager:

Do you live and breathe social media? Do you like to engage with people online and make original content for your accounts? Companies are always looking for people like you to help manage their online communities. You can expect to be responsible for responding to comments, tracking and analyzing traffic and running social media campaigns for gamers just like you.

Content writer:

Are you someone who loves writing, creative or otherwise? If so, you could easily monetize your hobby and land a job as a content writer. Gaming and eSports websites rely on blogs, news articles and well-written copy to connect with their audience and keep them informed. With a portfolio of writing samples and a brain full of story pitches, you can easily make money in this field. And the good news is, there’s no shortage of work!

So what did you think about this list? Did any of these jobs spark your interest? Are you currently working in any of the roles we mentioned here?
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By Chelsea Ward

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