How Streamcoi Is Making Streamer Management Easier Than Ever

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How Streamcoi Is Making Streamer Management Easier Than Ever

By Chelsea Ward

Anyone who’s ever managed a campaign or tournament with multiple streamers knows how difficult it is. Not only do you have to contact each channel individually to display the content you need, but that content has to be manually changed throughout the stream regularly too. The current process is super inefficient and it’s costing all of us time. And what did Benjamin Franklin tell us? That’s right, “time is money.”  

That’s why we wanted to show you a new streamer management system called Streamcoi. When we first saw what it could do, we were pretty amazed by how much automation and control it put in the hands of esports organizations, agencies and tournament organizers. 

Instead of managing multiple streams individually, Streamcoi gives you one convenient dashboard to control all of them at the same time. Instead of coordinating with each streamer to display the content you need, their product allows you to display it across the entire network with the click of a button. Just like that, overlays, merchandise links, sponsorship banners and more will synchronously appear on every streamer’s screen. That sounds a lot easier, right?


Well, it gets even better. Streamcoi also does all of the campaign analytics for you. After each campaign wraps up, all of the streamer data is congregated into one simple and comprehensive report for you to use. This will show you general metrics like time streamed or hours watched, but also detailed data for a specific partner – display views, number of clicks, demography, CTR or chart about top streamers and games. Reporting and measuring the success of your campaign is almost effortless with Streamcoi in your toolkit. 


With Streamcoi, the streamer’s workload is also significantly minimized. After a one-time set-up process, they don’t have to do anything else but play. That means no more interrupting gameplay to change overlays or send chats. You’ll be able to manage and place everything on their screens for them, leaving them more time to do what they do best. 


Streamcoi offers brand consistency, non-stop gameplay and automated data analytics all in one platform. With that in mind, we can see why organizations like BIG Clan, G2 Esports and Alliance are all using it now. But thankfully, it’s not just for the big dogs. Streamcoi is something that can benefit esports organizations and tournaments of all sizes. 

“We love to automate the work of every project regardless of size. Even if someone runs a weekend tournament with 10 streamers, they should feel free to contact us because we strongly believe in the automation of live-streaming and managing,” says Streamcoi brand manager Jakub Janaszek. “The automation of streamer management is the future and we don’t want to allow only big players to do it. We want to invite everyone to do it.” 

To find out more information and become a streaming powerhouse, check out their website. After speaking with them, we could see that Streamcoi was created by a dedicated team of gamers and esports fans who really want to see the industry thrive. If you’re unsure how Streamcoi could work for you, their team is super friendly and willing to help you find the right solutions to the challenges you’re facing.  

To all of our streamers and campaign managers out there, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you or your organization used Streamcoi before? Do you think this is the future of esports stream management? Let us know at any of our socials down below.  

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